In the wide field of oriental rugs, the Chineses represent a separate world. This is suggested by two basic carachteristics: the use of few colours on largely empty fields and the use of symbols as an important part of design. Once less popular than the Persian rug, the Chinese is nowdays extreamely sought after both in the collectors and in the decorative market.


Only in the United States five different books were published from different authors on the subject "Chinese Rug". The main ones are Gordon B. Leitch, "Chinese Rug", Dodd Mead & Co, New York 1926, and Murray L. Eiland, "Chinese and Exotic Rugs" New York Graphic Society, Boston 1976. Among European authors, I would like to mention the famous H. A. Lorentz, who wrote a fundemantal book on this subject, "A View of Chinese Rug", Routledge and Kegan, London 1972, and who said it took him twenty years only to collect the rugs to be published on his book.


On the book that illustrates our collection of oriental rugs, Coen & Duncan, "The Oriental Rug", Harper and Row, New York 1978, the Chineses have a fundamental part. They have been put aside thirty years ago. They are still a Coen’s property and anyone is welcome to see them, by appointment.




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