Size: m. 3,72 x 1,82 - 12'4" x 5'11"

Age: first half of XIX century. About 1910.

Condition: perfect.


Bessarabia is a region of c. 17600 square miles, formerly part of Romania. It is bounded by the Dnester river on the north and on the east, the Prut on the west, the Danube and the Black Sea on the South.


In 1940 Romania was forced to cede Bessarabia to USSR. At present, its territory is largely merged into the Republic of Moldova and partly into Ukraine.


The famous Bessarabian kilims are flat woven rugs born to satisfy the Russian aristocracy's demand for European designs. Nowadays incredibly in fashion, their secret glamour is due to the combination of an apparent rural simplicity with a design's refinement commissioned by the original customers.


This particularly elegant rug is decorated with floral patterns standing out on the dark background. The dominant motive, even if mainly floral, is different from the one of Aubussons. As you can notice also in the border of this rug, the floral design in Bessarabians is somehow geometrical and severe.






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