Size: m. 3,20 H x 2,90 L - 10'6" H x 9'6"L

Age: first half of XVII century.

Condition: very good. The tapestry is complete and well preserved.


The tapestry theme is inspired by the popular medieval romance by Henri Baude (born in Moulin in 1440 and active in the Louis XI and Charles VIII courts), narrating the stories of the two shepherds, Gombault et Macée. The full set consists of eight different scenes. On each tapestry an event is portrayed from the different stages of the life of young shepherds. From the philosophical point of view, the tapestries, illustrating peasant's life but intended for aristocracy and wealthy clientele, represent the humanistic thought to enjoy life in all its small pleasures.


The Wedding of Gombaut et Macée is the sixth tapestry of the set. The two shepherds hold each other's hand on a wide grass embellished by tulips, while a bearded clergyman blesses their union.




"The Wedding of Gombaut et Macée"

Other shepherds and country people attend to the ceremony. In the sunny background there are knights participating to a shooting party, followed by hounds; on the opposite side a shepherd with hat grazes his own flock. A northern Europe landscape with castles and forest lays in the background. A colorful border surrounds the tapestry. A light blue and an ochre yellow minor frames flank the main band decorated with pastoral scenes alternated with vases and flowers.

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